Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training tips and techniques to consider for an enjoyable and successful dog obedience training session.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training – Why it’s Important

Dog obedience training involves training your dog to respond to commands with an appropriate behaviour. Puppies can start training as early as 6-8 weeks old and can continue learning way into maturity. All dogs require at least a minimum amount of basic obedience training in order to learn to live harmoniously with others. Dog obedience training also helps pets and owners strengthen their bond, fostering a trusting relationship.

There are an abundance of resources to help the new and seasoned dog owner to train their pets, all of which can provide the basic tools - but you will only be successful if you are prepared to make a significant time commitment. All my puppies mastered their basic commands by practicing 15-20 minutes per day, everyday, for 4-6 weeks. Don’t stop there however. Most dogs thrive mentally and physically when challenged with new activities thus adding a daily dose of dog obedience training, even with the mature dog, will help ensure he is getting sufficient stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Dog obedience training tips:

1) Use the same command consistently. “Lie down” and “down” are two different commands to a dog, as are “sit” or “siiiitttttt” - changing your command or the tone you use only serves to confuse a dog.

2) Consider dog obedience training as quality time together. Be in the moment. Always deliver each command enthusiastically and offer positive reinforcement such as praise, a toy or a treat.

3) Follow each dog obedience training session with a playtime to shake off the structure of the training session and release excess energy.

4) Dogs bodies are governed by the same physiologically processes as humans therefore it is important to gradually warm-up for any rigorous activity and hydrate often if exercising for long periods of time.

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Dog Obedience Training


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